Bringing Real Life Punks to the Metaverse

10000 Real life punks, who left the real world to continue the punk culture,
built in the ’70s, on the metaverse.

Real Life Punks style

About Us

About Us

Inspired by the rebellious, fast-paced, mohawk culture of the punk rock
world. We are 10000 Real Life punks carrying on a culture started in the
1970s to the brand new realm of the metaverse.

We represent everything that comes with punk culture, ideology and style.
We believe in freedom of choice, nihilism, and a rejection of centralized

The Real Life punks are a punk rock inspired nft set of 10000 Nfts aimed at
bringing real Life punk fans together on the metaverse. We can interact
with one another in person on the metaverse, instead of chatting on
discord. Stake our nfts, gaining passive income on the indigenous Real Life
punks token(RLP).

The punk rock ideology is built on personal freedom and rejection of
mainstream media trends, therefore this is a community of 10000 holders
allowed to think for themselves, allowed to be different, allowed to be weird.
You can always spot us on the metaverse with our Mohawks, tight leather
jeans, and anti-establishment quotes are written on our shirts.



Phase 1 - Q2 2022

Real Life Punks NFT Mint: Our first mint of the Real Life Punks NFTs will go live and you can begin minting Real Life Punks directly on the Solana network. Mint Date TBD.

Establish social media presence : Recruit Moderators

Create and launch the RLP token, the token to be used for payment and rewards on the metaverse.

List RLP Coin on DEXes

Work with our super-smart developers, to create the smart contract for the NFT staking protocol, and determine the best APY suitable for our holder’s financial growth. Those who stake their NFT can start earning RLP. However, APY is determined by the length of stake period and the number of Real life punks NFTs in the staking wallet.

Phase 3 - Q4 2022 & Q1 2023

Punks Environment development in Metaverse with Integration of 3D NFT Characters to metaverse and avatar.

Also, design for metaverse events to create a punk-rock culture on the metaverse.

Establish foundation technical works for Oculus VR platform.

N/B: Only 3D versions of Real Life Punks are metaverse operable, 2D holders have the power to get whitelisted seats during 3D collections Launch.

Phase 5- Q3 2023

Build Mobile App wallet for RLP Coin.

RoadMap 2.0

Phase 2- Q3 2022

Massive outreach to the Punk rock media pages, (Twitter and Instagram), punk rock brands, to create a sensitization for our 3D NFT projects and at the same time grow a fanbase capable of starting a revolution on the metaverse.

Launch of 3D Real Life punks.

Drop merch like Hoodie, T-shirt, Pillow, etc.

Phase 4- Q2 2023

Punk rock metaverse events, featuring rock music, affiliation with rock bands.

Run yearly contests and punk rock shows on the metaverse, inviting Rock bands like the sex pistols, and the Dead Kennedys to act as judges, selecting and rewarding the best members with loads of RLP token.


Frequently asked Questions

A viable group of real life individuals who live a punk rock lifestyle, coming together to create a community, in the digital space.
The mint date will be set when we have established plans with secondary marketplaces to list immediately after launch.

APY from staking is determined by our market conditions, the number of NFTs staked and the duration of staking.

Yes. When it comes to the stage of raising funds for our token, NFT holders will be offered a discounted price on a limited number of tokens, which is typically only available to venture capitalists. We are putting our holders first as thanks for supporting us from the start.

No, we are open to any individual who believes in freedom of speech.
The metaverse is still in its infancy and will take a while to build to full functioning capacity.

For those unfamiliar with Solana, you will quickly see why it’s our favorite blockchain. Solana is essentially gas free with the average transaction
coming in at fractions of a penny. This not only saves you money on minting, buying, and selling but also provides us with an easy way to provide airdrops to our holders. And as a bonus, Solana is much better for
the environment than many competing blockchains.

Real Life Punks

Our community head and members range from musicians, coders, footballers anyone at all that believes in the nihilist philosophy of Punk culture. Together we will colonize and influence the metaverse with our way of thinking.